When children fail,

we all do.

We empower and support families and organizations with the programs and tools to teach and inspire children to write and read. We work with local partners to promote and improve literacy in the Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park (KGO) area.

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Why Literacy


Do you know the name of the streets you walk down? Have you ever had to puzzle out the instructions on a medicine bottle? Were you ever confused by a job application? Take a second and think about all the reading you do in a day. When literacy is a struggle, the things many of us take for granted – like simple navigation – become roadblocks to success. If children do not master the basics of reading and writing while they are young, they lose out on important opportunities and it’s harder for them to reach their potential. This creates a cycle that can be hard to break. That is where The Reading Partnership comes in.

I want her to be ready for grade one in September. RPP will help her and me too - I’m learning how to teach her in a fun way.

RPP Parent (Ann Grayer)

Parents Make

a Difference

Parents and caregivers are a child’s first and most important teacher when it comes to learning about the world. Whether you’re a mother, father, guardian, or simply someone who has a child in their life they care about, our programs can help you give your child a lifelong love of reading. We give families the tools they need to help children learn to read. Our programs, such as the RPP, work best when caregivers are just as excited to learn as their child. When we all work together, the programs are rewarding and help make real, lasting change.


of sixth graders living in the KGO community
are not reading to provincial standards.


Our Community

The Reading Partnership  is building a local model for improving literacy in communities, starting in Kingston- Galloway/Orton Park (KGO). The KGO community is one of Toronto’s most vibrant areas due to its population and diversity, and is full of people who care for each other. So much about this community is wonderful, and seeing our young people struggling is unacceptable. Literacy is a basic human right and the foundation for lifelong learning which too many youth do not experience or enjoy. The Reading Partnership wants to correct this. Our work is grounded in research that helps us better understand our community’s needs. Together with our partners, our efforts are driven by the Literacy Now! Research Project to make sure our work is meaningful and as effective as possible.