Programs / Events

Established in 2011 with a focus on the Kingston Galloway/Orton Park community (KGO), The Reading Partnership (TRP) works to improve the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and families through education. We know that improving literacy leads to greater academic achievement and better outcomes in health, employability, safety and community connectedness. Our programs, products and experiences are designed to improve literacy and build the confidence that learners need to live healthy and resilient lives.


Our main activities include:

Reading Partnership for
Parents (RPP) and
Reading Partnership for
Black Parents (RPBP)

RPP is a 6-12 week play-based program that guides parents through the process of teaching their children (aged 4-6) to read. It equips them with the skills, tools and confidence to improve their children’s literacy levels by fostering positive reading and learning environments at home, effectively countering the barriers to educational success that the community faces. RPBP is a version of the RPP that’s grounded in the diverse cultures of Black families. Lesson plans speak to the experiences of Black parents, and allow them to share their own strengths and perspectives with other families in the community.

Both programs are currently available online. Families who enroll will receive:
  • 6 virtual 'playshops' hosted on Zoom by professional educators
  • A program that aligns with the Ontario curriculum for full-day kindergarten
  • $200 worth of free learning tools and resources
  • A certificate upon completion
360° Stories

Led by professional writers and illustrators, this online program gives kids (9-12 years old) the tools and one-on-one support they need to learn how to tell stories in their own way. Each participant gets a copy of THE BRILLIANT BRAINSTORMING BOOK to help them create cool characters and write stories about them as they get the 360 experience of bringing a book to life through writing, illustrating, editing and publishing a story in an anthology. The program culminates in an exciting official book launch open to the public and hosted at a local bookstore, library or online.

Kids ReadTO

This virtual book club connects children from different communities through reading! Weekly book club meetings led by professional facilitators allow kids to safely socialize online through guided reading activities, discussions and games that strengthen literacy skills and build their confidence. We select stories from around the world, written by diverse authors that kids can relate to, and deliver them to the doorstep of each participant. Kids are encouraged to reflect while they read with D.E.A.R. Diary, an activity journal that helps them digest stories and articulate their thoughts.

Eating and

Designed to promote literacy and healthy eating habits in their everyday lives, this event brings families together to share a complimentary lunch prepared by Culinary Art students. The meal is followed by a book reading and signing by a diverse panel of children’s authors.

Ice Cream

We want kids to love books as much as they love ice cream, so we created an initiative that combines both! This free, socially-distanced walk-through event brings together hundreds of families to celebrate the end of summer and the start of a new school year. At each event we distribute over 1,500 books along with ice cream cups for kids of all ages–even the grownup ones!

Spotlight on
Literacy (SOL)

This free annual event raises awareness for literacy as a key issue in East Scarborough. It brings together hundreds of families each year for delicious food, passionate speakers, dynamic workshops and informative community booths. Participants have a chance to visit ‘The Book Room’, from which we distribute over 1,500 new books for all ages.